Minute Wild: Lake Jackson

Here’s a new little project I’m working on: short, unedited videos for the nature-deprived. I’m calling these videos “Minute Wild” and have a few ready to go. Here’s the first one, recorded at Lake Jackson here in Tallahassee. Not much happens here, and that’s kind of the point. “Nature” is hardly ever as exciting asContinue reading “Minute Wild: Lake Jackson”

The Untamed Mississippi

“The Mississippi is well worth reading about. It is not a commonplace river, but on the contrary it is in all ways remarkable.” Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi Here’s a great article that details Louisiana and America’s coming reckoning with the Mississippi River’s tireless resolve carve a new course to the Gulf: “America’s Achilles’Continue reading “The Untamed Mississippi”


It was over 100 degrees when I took this yesterday. The railings on the boardwalk overlooking the marshy fringe of Lake Jackson burned my arms as I leaned to capture this photo of dead trees and scorched grass lining the shimmering lake. This lake disappears every twenty years or so, leaving a scarred grassland inContinue reading “Wonderland/Wasteland”

Field Notes: Morning Walk with Old Mr. Green

Interstate 10 runs right by my office window, back behind the trees, as it winds a course to Jacksonville one way and Long Beach in the other. I am of a disposition to amplify the effects of humans, so on my walk this morning my first impulse was to fixate on the interstate and theContinue reading “Field Notes: Morning Walk with Old Mr. Green”

On the Edge of the Ocean: Florida and Sea Level Rise

As the Florida legislature takes up sea level rise, I keep hearing voices from the past resonate over the conversation.  This passage, from Willis Blatchley’s A Nature Wooing at Ormond By The Sea (1902), highlights one northern visitor’s awareness of the state’s precarious seat on the edge of the ocean almost 120 years ago. ThisContinue reading “On the Edge of the Ocean: Florida and Sea Level Rise”

Field Notes: Spanish Needles in the Mohawk Patch

There is an overgrown patch in the middle of my backyard that sprung up last month when winter began to gasp away. I remember it happened all of a sudden. The grass was not short—it rarely is in my yard, sadly—but subdued. More bohemian gardeners might have almost called it respectable. But then it rainedContinue reading “Field Notes: Spanish Needles in the Mohawk Patch”