Minute Wild

I haven’t been doing a great job lately of promoting my Minute Wild videos, but hey, you can always visit the channel on Youtube. Now with 17 minutes of enriching content! 😉

Maybe you would like to spend a minute alongside the lapping waters of the Gulf of Mexico? I’ve got you.

Need a minute in the woods to recenter? I’ve got you.

Maybe you’d like to visit the lake instead? I’ve got you, too.

I’m always adding more–if by always you mean, say, once or twice a month–so check back every now and then and you’ll probably find something new.

Minute Wild: Olustee Battlefield

A one-minute video for the nature-deprived. This was recorded on the morning of September 30, 2019 at Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park in Sanderson, Florida. With apologies for the spot on the lens.

I’ve been putting these on Vimeo, but I decided to take the plunge tonight and create a whole branded YouTube thing. So, if you have approximately four minutes, check out my channel, Minute Wild. Thank you so much!

Minute Wild: Lake Jackson

Here’s a new little project I’m working on: short, unedited videos for the nature-deprived. I’m calling these videos “Minute Wild” and have a few ready to go. Here’s the first one, recorded at Lake Jackson here in Tallahassee.

Not much happens here, and that’s kind of the point. “Nature” is hardly ever as exciting as it appears in documentaries. In reality, the natural world simply exists. We project onto nature our own ideas about ourselves. These little unedited shorts are the most sincere way I could think of to explore that idea.

If anyone wants to make anything out of these as I go along, let me know and I’ll be glad to share the files if you credit me.