Video Game Spaces: Arkhangelsk Facility

You enter the facility through an abnormally large air vent in the bathroom. The vent hangs open over an empty bathroom stall. You can see, in the next stall over, a young soldier in a garishly green uniform. You take aim at his head, probably not thinking about his neatly pressed garrison hat at all… Continue reading Video Game Spaces: Arkhangelsk Facility

Signcraft: Runnymede

In Grafica della Strada, designer Louise Fili lovingly documents the wildly creative shop signs, billboards, and other signage of the Italian street. “In the hands of a sign craftsman,” Fili writes, “type took on a new life, with a tantalizing menu” of styles, materials, and techniques. “Many of the signs proudly bore the imprimaturs of… Continue reading Signcraft: Runnymede

Jazz as a Social Force: Archie Shepp and Jason Moran’s “Let My People Go”

If you list the forces in 2021 working against jazz, and against an album like this one, it can feel overwhelming, depressing even. Do not despair. This is only a feeling. The truth is somewhere else, somewhere deeper. Let us list the forces anyway. First there is our shared understanding, taken as universal truth for at… Continue reading Jazz as a Social Force: Archie Shepp and Jason Moran’s “Let My People Go”

Syllabus: February 14th

A list of interesting things new and old that I've read or experienced this week. I do not endorse or even necessarily agree with anything on the other side of these links. Articles Adegbuyi, Fadeke. "LinkedIn’s Alternate Universe: How the professional platform makes networking weird." -- Adegbuyi says what we've all been thinking:… Continue reading Syllabus: February 14th