Town Center: A Draft

Raincast mosaic on my hotel windowstreaks Fogo de Chao andblurs too-small memories where here (for example) I shook the man’s handtoo small to see pastthe shadow of work or there (I presume) the slash pines stoodtoo small to stand againstCheesecake Factory. In silence unawarethey were taken down,down across the river flowing. Drop a quarter in… Continue reading Town Center: A Draft


I asked the wind-beaten mountainwhat she would becomeEverything and nothing, she whisperedlike songIs all we’ll ever beall and not at all That night there was no mountainwhere the wind-beaten mother stoodonly darkness allall and not at all By her whisper-song unsettledI turned to grandfather in morning sunto ask who I would becomeI was you once,… Continue reading Sylva

Verses on a Plague Night Walk

When the sodium lights first come on Those are the moments  Those moments of departed daylight Departed vision  Those adolescent moments of endless Possibility . Each footstep a promise to the future Each breath an assurance of its promise to me . Tonight we walked the twenty-something streets  In those adolescent moments Senses awakening to… Continue reading Verses on a Plague Night Walk