Minute Wild: Lake Jackson

Here’s a new little project I’m working on: short, unedited videos for the nature-deprived. I’m calling these videos “Minute Wild” and have a few ready to go. Here’s the first one, recorded at Lake Jackson here in Tallahassee. Not much happens here, and that’s kind of the point. “Nature” is hardly ever as exciting as […]

Information at “Indian Key,” 1840

If you ever find yourself bored with the internet, tired of movies and music and magazines and books and so on, take a moment and think about the world of information available to Henry Perrine’s teenage children on a tiny, 12-acre island in the Florida Keys in 1840. We had an abundance of books and […]

On the Edge of the Ocean: Florida and Sea Level Rise

As the Florida legislature takes up sea level rise, I keep hearing voices from the past resonate over the conversation.  This passage, from Willis Blatchley’s A Nature Wooing at Ormond By The Sea (1902), highlights one northern visitor’s awareness of the state’s precarious seat on the edge of the ocean almost 120 years ago. This […]

Camera Roll: Lake Talquin Hydroelectric Dam and a Friend at Work

Started off the day with a work visit to the C.H. Corn Hydroelectric Station in western Leon County. This dam is the source of Lake Talquin. An enormous volume of water was passing through the dam as a result of the heavy rainfall lately. Later in the afternoon I had a visit from a friend […]

Camera Roll: Tallahassee Backyard

Had a few minutes here and there today to snap some shots around home and around town. The rain moving in as the week draws to a close will drive me indoors to the easel and paintbrushes, even though I’ve already ruined one canvas this week. Making mistakes is just as important as succeeding.