Happy Thanksgiving, Grand Marshal Andrew Jackson

King Mob on the Meridian claimingthis land is ours in the affirmative mode which animates eventhe Communists here the three-pounds of flax who wax zen on the temple mounds of the erased  Shuck oysters and weave thefolksonomy of despair from threads golden likethe ever yellow afterglow over the bay belowyou sing of this place like you own it,Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving, Grand Marshal Andrew Jackson”

Inverse Walk of the Fallen Leaf

We passed the time in shade unaware until Russet skin descending in winter to carbon upon the pavement, it Caught the corner of my eye Red passing to brown, falling gray black dust in my lungs Passing again I could not point to the fallen leaf but it is part of me Chlorophyll in theContinue reading “Inverse Walk of the Fallen Leaf”