Some Verses on a Plague Night Walk

When the sodium lights first come on Those are the moments  Those moments of departed daylight Departed vision  Those adolescent moments of endless Possibility . Each footstep a promise to the future Each breath an assurance of its promise to me . Tonight we walked the twenty-something streets  In those adolescent moments Senses awakening to… Continue reading Some Verses on a Plague Night Walk

Minute Wild: Ants at Lake Talquin

Recorded at Lake Talquin State Forest, March 29, 2020. It was exceptionally hot and difficult to see the screen down on the ground for this little scene. I moved the camera halfway through (before this scene starts) and didn't notice until I got back off of the trail later that the hole was out-of-focus. What… Continue reading Minute Wild: Ants at Lake Talquin

Word of the Day: Portmanteau

I've written a couple of these posts for work, but thought that others might like to read them, too. Good morning! Let’s try something different today to bring everyone a little closer together. Let’s talk about words. With all the talk recently about telework, I’ve been thinking about the word portmanteau, which is today’s Word-of-the-Day.… Continue reading Word of the Day: Portmanteau