wood smoke redolentof campfires at Ocean Pond of spruce and pine pilferedfrom the lumber yard where they worked my father andfriends of my father pleiades redolent of amberglow stories told of blinking night overzipper pulls announcing silence still, low burns the firewarm glows the lantern, still

(Virtual) London: People and Places

Photos from a single day in London in the game Watch Dogs: Legion. These people and spaces exist on a virtual machine within a Google server. This photo essay is part of an ongoing exploration of video game spaces on this blog. This is only the second post. I explain what I'm trying to do… Continue reading (Virtual) London: People and Places

Visual Excitement: Pushing Hands

In The Practice of Poetry, Robin Skelton argues that the poet's "problem is finding out... how to detect the verbal excitements surrounding our perceptions, and how to discover in ourselves a confusion rich enough to compel us to investigate it." Inspired by these words, I created a notebook (entitled, fittingly enough, "A Treasury of Verbal… Continue reading Visual Excitement: Pushing Hands