Camera Roll: Greenway Disappointment

Visited the Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenway here in Tallahassee this afternoon. I wanted to film a “Minute Wild” video, but cars hissing by on the busy road about two hundred yards away ruined that plan. An unseasonably gentle storm had just passed through, too, so it was miserably humid. Most living things–excluding all of us insufferably industrious humans, of course, who were out jogging or taking photos–were in deep hiding, waiting for the temperature to drop as the evening settled in. I thought the languid tones of this pasture captured the atmosphere perfectly, however, so I was at least able to salvage something from the trip. Here’s to better luck tomorrow.


It was over 100 degrees when I took this yesterday. The railings on the boardwalk overlooking the marshy fringe of Lake Jackson burned my arms as I leaned to capture this photo of dead trees and scorched grass lining the shimmering lake. This lake disappears every twenty years or so, leaving a scarred grassland in its place on the north side of Tallahassee, but Florida’s most powerful Mississippian chiefdom was based on its shores 500 years ago and this rich ecosystem continues to shape the region. Florida’s prosaic landscapes, far away from its charismatic beaches and springs, have both delighted and baffled humans for thousands of years. It’s difficult to know what to make of scenes like this, but for me they are just home.

Camera Roll: Lake Talquin, Quincy, Tallahassee

Today’s perambulations took me from the shores of Lake Talquin, where the wind bringing in the next layer of December cloud cover whipped the water to a hard chop–which is the only way I’ve ever seen Lake Talquin, to be honest–to the crisp winter understory of the Lake Talquin State Forest, where the pines are awaiting the distant spring in silent resignation. State Road 267 then carried me north to Quincy, where the clouds ruined my original plan (I’ll be back another day) but cleared enough for me to grab a few shots of a beautifully-restored Gulf Station on the Old Spanish Trail, US 90. A couple shots in Tallahassee caught my eye in the late afternoon and evening.