A Gift

I live for moments like this. The ‘secret pond’ I like to visit every few weeks was aflutter with chattering songbirds when I stopped by a few days ago. I walked slowly around the edge of the pond, trying desperately to capture a good shot of the Jays, Wrens, Warblers, or Mockingbirds hidden in the leafy branches hanging over the water, to no avail. I had given up for the day and started heading back toward the car when this little bird stopped to have a look at me. Moments like this are a gift.

Camera Roll: Lake Talquin Hydroelectric Dam and a Friend at Work

Started off the day with a work visit to the C.H. Corn Hydroelectric Station in western Leon County. This dam is the source of Lake Talquin. An enormous volume of water was passing through the dam as a result of the heavy rainfall lately.

Later in the afternoon I had a visit from a friend in the tree outside of my window at the office.

Tallahassee Songbird