Willie Taggart and the Hubble Constant Tension

There’s a problem with the universe. Some people here in my hometown feel that way because the Seminoles are losing football games, but I’m talking about the real universe, the one out there. Right now, scientists who study the universe are puzzling over the answer to a simple equation, Ho=v/d. This equation has been with… Continue reading Willie Taggart and the Hubble Constant Tension

Quick Takes from the ‘Noles Loss to Pitt

This game was both better and worse than the score suggests. Don't get me wrong: if you only watched a few minutes of the game--at any point--you'd be justified in saying that it was too ugly for prime time. In the end, though, it turned into a decent chess match between two coaches with a… Continue reading Quick Takes from the ‘Noles Loss to Pitt