Syllabus: January 29th

A list of interesting things new and old that I've read or experienced this week. I do not endorse or even necessarily agree with anything on the other side of these links. Articles Broderick, Ryan. "Happy Birthday, Guy Fieri," at Garbage Day. -- Because after I had read or heard about eighty GameStop and wallstreetbets… Continue reading Syllabus: January 29th

Simple Design

I’m really inspired tonight by this page, “Design Like It’s 1999,” published by the Dutch designer Vasilis van Gemert. Van Gemert uses the Dutch documentary website 2Doc--which looks pretty cool, incidentally--to demonstrate what it’s like for a blind person to use a modern, javascript-driven website. It’s objectively awful:  “”One hundred and fourty nine links. And… Continue reading Simple Design

Late Night Passage

No, listen, what happened was this: they lied to you, sold you ideas of good & evil, gave you distrust of your body & shame for your prophethood of chaos, invented words of disgust for your molecular love, mesmerized you with inattention, bored you with civilization & all its usurious emotions.Hakim Bey, Temporary Autonomous Zone


Just came across this quote in C.J. Date's Database Design & Relational Theory, which is a more interesting book than the title might suggest. "In computing, elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a quality that decides between success and failure.Edsger W. Dijkstra Watching problems that could have been solved years ago by thoughtful design… Continue reading Elegance

Shakespeare Recordings

I'm so happy to have found these! If you struggle to read Shakespeare, try reading along with these excellent recordings: The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare. is a wonderful, fantastic, amazing resource that makes me happy literally every time I think about it--which is way more often than one really should think about a website, if… Continue reading Shakespeare Recordings