Syllabus: Week of February 7th

A list of interesting things new and old that I've read or experienced this week. I do not endorse or even necessarily agree with anything on the other side of these links. Articles Frank, Matthew Gavin. "Another Atrocious Man Named Clive; or, the Ass of a Sociopath," Guernica. -- This is everything you want… Continue reading Syllabus: Week of February 7th

Knowledge Work, Emotional Labor

As a graduate student and "knowledge worker," most of my life revolves around processing information. One of my academic fields--information science--deals with how people gather and disseminate information, and how people turn it into knowledge, while the other--history--involves gathering and interpreting a vast amount of data to craft an argument about the past. I use… Continue reading Knowledge Work, Emotional Labor

Make it Yourself: Starting My Home Cooking Journey

This week I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Like many Americans, I've spent my entire life on a weight loss “journey,” but the only times I’ve ever had any success have been those times when I truly take ownership of everything I eat and drink. This means planning meals and cooking… Continue reading Make it Yourself: Starting My Home Cooking Journey

Field Notes: Spanish Needles in the Mohawk Patch

There is an overgrown patch in the middle of my backyard that sprung up last month when winter began to gasp away. I remember it happened all of a sudden. The grass was not short—it rarely is in my yard, sadly—but subdued. More bohemian gardeners might have almost called it respectable. But then it rained… Continue reading Field Notes: Spanish Needles in the Mohawk Patch