Knowledge Work, Emotional Labor

As a graduate student and “knowledge worker,” most of my life revolves around processing information. One of my academic fields–information science–deals with how people gather and disseminate information, and how people turn it into knowledge, while the other–history–involves gathering and interpreting a vast amount of data to craft an argument about the past. I useContinue reading “Knowledge Work, Emotional Labor”

Make it Yourself: Starting My Home Cooking Journey

This week I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Like many Americans, I’ve spent my entire life on a weight loss “journey,” but the only times I’ve ever had any success have been those times when I truly take ownership of everything I eat and drink. This means planning meals and cookingContinue reading “Make it Yourself: Starting My Home Cooking Journey”

Field Notes: Spanish Needles in the Mohawk Patch

There is an overgrown patch in the middle of my backyard that sprung up last month when winter began to gasp away. I remember it happened all of a sudden. The grass was not short—it rarely is in my yard, sadly—but subdued. More bohemian gardeners might have almost called it respectable. But then it rainedContinue reading “Field Notes: Spanish Needles in the Mohawk Patch”

Still Pushing: Week 2

I added a long, slow uphill to the route tonight and still grabbed my fastest pace yet. My legs are burning, so this must be doing some good. I know there are real runners out there scoffing at this, but I’m slowly gaining speed, strength, endurance, and confidence. Staying motivated through week 2–is this turningContinue reading “Still Pushing: Week 2”