Review: Land Too Good for Indians: Northern Indian Removal.

Bowes, John P. Land Too Good for Indians: Northern Indian Removal. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2016. (Publisher link) Though settler colonialism has thoroughly re-shaped Native American historiography in the past twenty years, scholars still tend to view Indian removal as a discrete moment or era in American history--a tragic narrative beginning with the transition… Continue reading Review: Land Too Good for Indians: Northern Indian Removal.

Places of Power: Southern Rivers

Before the U.S. Government built the Woodruff Dam and created Lake Seminole, the confluence of the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers was a place of significance and power for many different peoples across the centuries. Today I understood that a little better when I saw this aerial from 1940 depicting the literal wedding of the waters… Continue reading Places of Power: Southern Rivers

Information at “Indian Key,” 1840

If you ever find yourself bored with the internet, tired of movies and music and magazines and books and so on, take a moment and think about the world of information available to Henry Perrine's teenage children on a tiny, 12-acre island in the Florida Keys in 1840. We had an abundance of books and… Continue reading Information at “Indian Key,” 1840

Continuity in Settler Colonialism at Marco Island

Even though millions of tourists and residents have traipsed across this peninsula year after year for well over a century, Florida still seems like a new place. Digging just a little beneath the surface, however, reveals a history as deep as the Roman past undergirding the streets of London, or the history of the Pharaohs… Continue reading Continuity in Settler Colonialism at Marco Island

Research of Note: Data Activism

GutiĆ©rrez, Miren and Stefania Milan. "Playing with Data and its Consequences." First Monday 24:1 (2019). Scholars, advocates, and social critics frequently describe data as a structure of power used against citizens and the powerless online. In their article in the most recent First Monday, Miren GutiĆ©rrez and Stefania Milan invert big data, arguing that… Continue reading Research of Note: Data Activism

Jill Lepore and Publishing “Big” History

Many of the historians on Twitter have been dunking on Jill Lepore's interview in the Chronicle of Higher Education since it was published. I posted a thread on Twitter about this earlier and decided to post it here, too. Twitter is so ephemeral, and this is something I'd like to think more about. Working outside… Continue reading Jill Lepore and Publishing “Big” History