Pushing Through It

I really wanted to stay home and be lazy tonight. It was a long day. Traffic was terrible, and I don’t sleep enough to feel great at the end of every week. But then I saw myself in the mirror and thought there might be a little bit of a positive change happening, so I just went and did some weights and 20 minutes on the elliptical. This is my fifth straight night working out.

“Baby Steps to 5k”

I’ve never been able to run. Like, at all. But I’ve been inspired by the progress some of my friends have made jogging, so I started a new workout routine today called “Baby Steps to 5k.” Tonight–and for the next few weeks–I’m supposed to just “walk briskly,” but Samsung isn’t playing around. The disembodied voice at one point asked, “are you well enough to workout?” 😵🤬

At the risk of oversharing, I’m posting this here to mark a milestone and maybe, just maybe, keep me honest. It feels good and I hope I can keep it up.