Food and Place: Lucilla and The Grey

The difference between good food and great food has a lot to do with its relationship with place.¬† Tonight we ate at Lucilla here in Tallahassee, and it was really good. I had the vegetable pot pie–a flavorful concoction of corn, squash, asparagus, tomatoes, field peas, shiitake, and scallions in a roasted shallot tomato velout√©Continue reading “Food and Place: Lucilla and The Grey”

Lemon Cake in the Dark

Decided to try my hand at both baking and food photography tonight. The electricity went out at my house just as this cake was coming out of the oven. I melted the butter in the warm oven while zesting and juicing a lemon before mixing the whole thing with an unholy amount of powdered sugarContinue reading “Lemon Cake in the Dark”