Free Music! Paper + Plastick Winter Sampler

Another season brings another awesome sampler from Gainesville-based label Paper + Plastick. I might be biased when it comes to all things Gainesville, my former and beloved hometown (not to mention the setting for one or two questionable fashion decisions on my part), but with tracks like Bad Ideas’ “Damn My Clumsy Hands,” absolutely free, this sampler is hard not to love. Check it out.

Get the sampler here. And enjoy the video for “Clumsy Hands” below.


6/2/2015: Attalus, Into the Sea


North Carolina’s various -core scenes have long been prolific and fertile. Raleigh stalwarts Attalus continue the tradition (of Hopesfall, Between the Buried and Me, and many others) on their epic new concept album, Into the Sea. Relentlessly melodic, simultaneously heartbreaking and life-affirming, Into the Sea is a surprising and refreshing new take on post-hardcore. Echoes of Boys Night Out, Chiodos, La Dispute, Thrice, and Brand New keep the album grounded, but surprises abound. Attalus can stand on their own.

In lieu of strong tracks, here’s a complete track listing. Into the Sea is an experience.

  1. The Ancient Mariner
  2. This Ship is Going Down
  3. Sirens
  4. Desolate Isle
  5. Man, O Shipwreck
  6. Step Out
  7. Albatross
  8. The Breath before the Plunge
  9. Into the Sea
  10. Coming Clean
  11. O the Depths
  12. Voices from the Shore
  13. Safe
  14. The Greater Tide
  15. Death Be Not Proud
  16. Message in a Bottle

A disclaimer: If earnest suburban Protestantism isn’t your thing, keep this one at arm’s length. Ignore the lyrics–whatever you have to do. Just let its profound musical ideas wash over you.


Buy the album and find out more here.

6/2/2015: Girlpool, Before the World Was Big


Girlpool prove that electric instruments can foster intimacy too on their new Wichita release, Before the World Was Big. Reductionism pays off for guitarist Cleo Tucker and bassist Harmony Tividad: the ten tracks on Before the World Was Big resonate with meaning, rather than the self-absorbed hiss of musical egos. The title track is a strong point on the way to a climax of sorts in “Crowded Stranger.” “I Like That You Can See It” is a fittingly abrupt denouement.

Looking forward to more from Girlpool.

“Before the World Was Big” Official video:

Girlpool on tour.

You can buy the album here.