Firelight Composite

From inky black, pull starry future
To drape o’er young shoulders and wish it so

Now wash the garment in strange elixirs
Bell upon chime, we watch the spring days go

Shed the cloak of night in diurnal climes
To sweat o’er the troubled skein of the self

Now in the dog days to heaven you climb
Bell upon chime, place the cloak on the shelf

Shadows draw to vespers unclothed still
By the evening firelight learn fear

We lost so much time climbing autumn hills
By firelight, by sunlight, month over year

Oak leaf alights upon Earth in repose
Its airborne life but a blink to commence

To become the soil in winter gray glow
No cloak of night to warm the lapis winds

Shine like inky black
stuff of future past

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