The Grammys and Hot Take Rehab

There’s something about the internet sometimes that brings out the worst in some of us. I just posted a snarky picture on Reddit before thinking better of it and deleting the post; but then, not twenty minutes later, I logged in here to bring this gem of a fully-baked idea into the world:

Someone on Twitter could probably break down the reasons why my opinion is retrograde and I should really just shut up, but: I don’t care about the Grammys.

But then I thought: why does it matter? And why should anyone care what I think about the Grammys? So many of us are already screaming ill-informed, half-baked, intentionally provocative words at each other just because we can, and my opinion is about as original (but nowhere near as nutritious) as a can of Pringles.

So, you know what? If you like the Grammys, I support you. I hope you enjoyed it and got to hear some great music. I’m going to keep working on slow thinking and empathy over here while you have a good time.

After I put down the phone for tonight.

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