Common War, “Like a Violin”

This is the first single from Common War’s brilliant debut LP, The Search. Eulogy has not done nearly enough to promote this release, so Common War is flying pretty low under the radar. If I had more to say about melodic hardcore right now I would give the album a full review, but the CD is well worth 9 bucks at the band’s merch store or a full stream on Spotify.

Melodic hardcore is a bit like a warm, nostalgic blanket right now: I can put it on and go back to the early 2000s any time I want. Common War is doing their part to move the genre forward from Southern California, but they’re straining against inertia on a global scale as hardcore bands in Europe and Asia work through the ideas of some of the past decade’s most successful bands.

A good, solid release.

Buy the album (and other merch) here.

Common War on Facebook.

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