Research Fields
Early America
United States History
Indigenous Peoples
Atlantic World
History of Science, Technology, and the Environment

Ph.D. Candidate, History, Florida State University.
Adviser: Dr. Andrew Frank.
M.S., Information, Florida State University, 2020.
M.A. History, Florida State University, May 2015.
B.A. History, University of Florida, Summa Cum Laude, May 2013.

Honors and Awards
Allen K. Morris Research Fellowship. Florida State University. Fall 2014.
History Department Teaching Assistantship. Florida State University, 2013-2015.
Andrews Family Thesis Award, University of Florida, 2013.
University of Florida History Research Seminar Book Award, 2012.
Alfred I. du Pont Scholarship, 2012. 

Peer-Reviewed Articles
“Five to One: Rethinking the Doors and the Sixties Counterculture,” Music & Politics VIII, 1 (Winter 2014): http://dx.doi.org/10.3998/mp.9460447.0008.103.

“Mudslinging for Appointment in British East Florida: Andrew Turnbull vs. John Moultrie, 1771-1772,” Alpata: A Journal of History X (2013): 8-11.

“’Culture Areas’ in British East Florida: Indians, Africans, and Europeans,” Alpata: A Journal of History IX (2012): 22-32.

With Michael Falcone, Sarah Kleinman, Josh Krusell, Elizabeth McNeill, and Peter Sanders, “Academic Freedom at the University of Florida,” Alpata: A Journal of History IX (2012): 1-19.

Book Reviews and Encyclopedia Articles
Review of Erica Avrami, ed. Preservation and the New Data Landscape. (New York: Columbia Books on Architecture and the City. Columbia University Press, 2019), https://networks.h-net.org/node/3119/reviews/6141771/crenshaw-avrami-preservation-and-new-data-landscape

Review of David Wheat, Atlantic Africa and the Spanish Caribbean, 1570-1640 (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2015), in H-Floridahttps://www.h-net.org/reviews/showpdf.php?id=47049

Review of Frank Usbeck, Fellow Tribesmen: The Image of Native Americans, National Identity, and Nazi Ideology in Germany (New York: Berghahn Books, 2015), in  History: Reviews of New Books, forthcoming.

“Algonquins,” “Mississippians,” “Pan-Indianism,” “Yamasee War,” in Encyclopedia of The Atlantic World, 1400-1900: Europe, Africa, and the Americas in An Age of Exploration, Trade, and Empires, (ABC-CLIO, 2018).

Review of Andrew Zimmerman, Alabama in Africa: Booker T. Washington, the German Empire, and the Globalization of the New South (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2010), in The New England Journal of History 72, No. 1(Fall 2015): Forthcoming.

Review of Michal Jan Rozbicki, Culture and Liberty in the Age of the American Revolution (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2011), in The Tennessee Historical Quarterly LXXIII, 3 (Fall 2014): 234-236.

“Architecture, Northern,” “Household Enter   tainment,” “Urban Life, Northern,” “Women’s Dress, Confederate,” “Women’s Dress, Union,” in The World of the Civil War: A Daily Life Encyclopedia, (Greenwoood, 2015).

Other Writing
“Fried Zucchini,” in Places to Stand in Florida a Saw Palm Special Feature. 2013.

“Kanja and the Ivory,” Fuck Fiction. February, 2013.

“Argyle Forest,” Panoply, Winter 2021.


“Untitled Photograph, July 12, 2020” in When Pens Bloom: A Chapbook Collaboration with Poets Are The Destroyers and Plants & Poetry.

Public History
“The Sunshine Stroll: Music and Politics on the Florida Chitlin’ Circuit, 1935-1970,” http://cbcrenshaw.omeka.net 

Research Presentations
“Alone Together: Mapping Cherokee Allotment,” Florida State University Digital Scholars Workshop, November 2015.

“Loyalism and Refugeeism: British East Florida in the American Revolution,” Florida State HGS Colloquium, September 2015.

“Refugee-Warriors: The Loyalist Response in British East Florida, 1775-1784,” 2015 Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Florida Historical Society, May 2015.

“‘Mad Young People’: Young Warriors and Generational Conflict in Native Communities on the Eve of the American Revolution,” 7th Annual Southeast Regional Graduate Student Conference, March 2015.

“‘Our People’ at Smyrnéa: Race, Toil, and Community on a British East Florida Indigo Plantation,” University of Florida History Honors Symposium, April 2013.


Research Assistant, Dr. Lisa Tendrich Frank, University of Georgia System, Fall 2020.
Teaching Assistant, “The History of the United States, 1877-Present,” online section, Fall 2015.
Teaching Assistant, “Making Chief Osceola,” Spring 2015.
Teaching Assistant, ““History of the Seminoles and Southeastern Tribes, Pre-Contact to Present,” Fall 2014.
Research Assistant, Dr. Andrew Frank, Spring-Summer 2014.
Teaching Assistant, “Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States,” Spring 2014.
Teaching Assistant, “History of the Seminoles and Southeastern Tribes, Pre-Contact to Present,” Fall 2013.